How to execute a Powershell Script using .exec property in alert node?

Hi all,
With my Team, we’d like to apply a self-healing function when some alerts are triggered.
This is a silly example of code:

dbrp “telegraf”.“autogen”

    // Select just the cpu measurement from our example database.
        .crit(lambda: int("Percent_Idle_Time") >  50)
	     //.exec('C://temp//InfluxPoC//AnySelfHealingScript.ps1') //It doesn't work even like this.

Even though the Powershell script called AnySelfHealingScript.ps1 is intended to actually execute some script to perform a self-healing process, right now it only appends information to a log file in c:\temp\execution.log

When I enable the alert, I know it’s working because the Slack notifications are being received, but the log file is never created. Even if I run the script manually and create the .log file, then the alert is not executing it.

What am I doing wrong?
Probably the log file is being created somewhere else?

Thank you in advance.