How to edit Go file in telegraf package

I want to include more parameter and restrict parameters provided by SQL plugin , is there a way I can do that. Please guide.

@errishma Please be more specific on what exactly you are trying to do. This is overly vague and makes it difficult for me to help you. Assume your readers know way less about what you are doing than you do. Some explanation would help greatly.

Jack, I am following this link:

It has lot of parameters like wait stats , Os Volume that I dont want to get into influx and there are other customized parameters that I want to send.

@errishma There are a bunch of options to exclude metrics based on names in telegraf. That should help with the stuff you don’t want. If you want more metrics you will need to modify the plugin to collect that data. That is something that you could do yourself or hire us for a Professional Services engagement.

@jackzampolin I if i want to add something ,i can add those query into telegraf plugin and give a measurement name and use it in grafana ryt?I am kind of new into this.