How to control schema types and is it back to have a field/value in one measurement with different types?

I stumbled on the following issue (I am using InfluxDb 2.x OSS):
In one measurement i have a field which has two types - long and double. As a result:

  • i cannot visualize in InfluxDB 2.x both of them
  • i cannot control how one was saved a double and the other as a long.

How I got to this point:
I have two identical measurements - “data_a” and “data_b”. They have the exact same schema, but on “data_a” the id field is type double and in “data_b” the same id field is of type long.
When I move data from “data_a” to “data_b” I manage to do it successfully (Which is strange), but then I end up with the same field in two types (which is strange again).

At the same time i have received errors where I try to save a “string” in a field which is already float and it does not work. So this is a bit inconsistent in terms fo what’s happening.

Here are some photos of the different data types and the lack fo visualization despite data being there (the query is identical, I just change the time period as seen in bottom right).

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 12.08.41 AM

Considering this:

  • Is this a bad thing to have in the design?
  • How can I make sure that such single fields with double type don’t exist in my schema and measurement?
  • How can I control the type that’s beign saved to the db (if possible at all)?
    Any general guidance on how can I fix this messy situation :thinking:
    Thanks! :slight_smile: