How to configure telegraf not to modify tags (host)?

We are testing TICK stack as next-gen monitoring system. We are planning a system for about a million hosts with lagacy support of carbon-graphite timeseries support. We want to send a copy of metrics to graphite cluster from the telegraf (as it is on the front). Our hosts have dots in their hostnames like (like We are trying to send metrics to graphite with:

template = “host.measurement.field”

At graphite we are getting something like:
100_example_com.cpu.idle_usage 70 1635934120
while we really want it to be like: 70 1635934120
for the legacy support.

So the Question:
Is there any way to stop telegraf to meddle with host tag before sending to graphite?

I think this behaviour is intended to distinguish between the template separator . and the hostname.

You maybe could use

graphite_tag_support = true

instead of

template = "host.measurement.field"

if graphite supports this?

@Franky1 Thank you for quick response .

We considered that option but (as mention) for legacy integrated systems where tags are not applicable, we need to work with simple key-value-timestamp format.