How to concatenate raws in two tables (with same structure)

Hi all,

I am searching for way to concatenate raws of two tables with same columns into one table. I have not found a way to do this with standard functions.

Assuming I have tables T1 and T2 and want to join into T_Join (see. image below)

What I am actually trying to achieve is a join() of tables which should be joint in case the raws are same on parameter x OR parameter y. For this I wanted to perform two join operations and then concatenate the result.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated!

@Aga-Schwarz This is exactly what the union() function is for. It unifies separate streams of tables into a single stream of tables. You may need to group() the data to get everything in a single table though.

@scott Thanks a lot! I have somehow overlooked this possibility.