Error joining 3 data streams

Based on documentation Join data with Flux I should have be able to join 3 streams however documentation says YES / NO if I am not mistaken…

Can I join 3 tables ?

The join() function merges two or more input streams, whose values are equal on a set of common columns, into a single output stream. Flux allows you to join on any columns common between two data streams and opens the door for operations such as cross-measurement joins and math across measurements.

When I try to combine 2 streams (any combination with availability, quality or performance it just works), once I add third one it fails to return the value.

2 streams working OK

test = join(tables:{availability:availability, performance:performance}, on:["_start"])
test |> yield()


3 streams, server error

test = join(tables:{quality:quality, availability:availability, performance:performance}, on:["_start"])
test |> yield()

Since join() allows you to specify only two inputs you will need to use more than one join.
something like this should work

test_tmp = join(tables:{availability:availability, performance:performance}, on:["_start"])
test_tmp |> yield()

test = join(tables:{quality:quality, tmp:test_tmp }, on:["_start"])
test |> yield()

Thanks @Giovanni_Luisotto

It works fine