How to cache queries?


Does InfluxDB have or support any way of caching Queries? Or is there any recommended or “de facto” gateway/proxy solution to cache the queries?

My company has a substantial amount of people monitoring the exact same things. This is especially noticeable during peak periods where we have “all hands on deck”, especially compounded when something bad happens and suddenly everyone starts opening the same dashboard and refreshing the data for updates. Not to mention when sometimes people just think it is a good idea to set their dashboards to refresh every 10 seconds even though new data only arrives every 1m…

I’m looking to have some kind of caching for the queries that will basically cap the rate at which queries reach the DB’s query engine, as when the query rates increase it’s mostly due to repeated queries from different clients.

Is there any built-in functionality for such, or is there any broadly well-established & well-tested solution to this?