How to be sure that telegraf has correctly inserted record in influxdb?

Hello everyone,
I’m new to influxDB and telegraf world, I hope i will be clear as much as possible.

I’m trying to implement an architecture where:

  • Machine ‘A’ sends data to an MQTT broker with a certain topic/xxx.
  • Telegraf detects the message for the topic/xxx and sends the collected data to an InfluxDB bucket.

The problem is:
How can I be sure that the writing process in the influxDB is correct so that I can tell to Machine A that it can delete the message in its queue?

I just want to send an “ok the message is stored in the DB now you can forget it” to the machine that has generated the message. I MUST store every message that is send to a certain topic.

The only idea i have is to recompile the code from the output plugin in telegraf and check the result from the writing process and send back a new MQTT message to the broker with the message-id and a “write ack” payload.

But i don’t know, it seems to be too much complicated, i must have been missing something.

Hope you can help me,
sorry for my English.