How to allow influxdb localhost:8086 to public ip?

I installed influxdb in a google vm.

I can open http://localhost:8086 web interface in my computer using putty+ssh tunnel to the vm

How can I open my influxdb web interface to public ip?

Thanks in advance

When I type influxd to run my server, it should listen my public ip instead of localhost
Open my 8086 port in vm firewall and in the instance

Hi @igormsg, if you’re running 2.x then the HTTP server’s default behavior should be to listen for connections on port 8086 from all network interfaces.

Like you mention, you’ll need to configure your VM with a public IP and the network/firewall rules to allow traffic on the port. The steps to do that will be specific to Google.

thank you, dan

it worked!!

opened port 8086 in google firewall
then typed in ssh:
sudo ufw allow 8086
influxd --http-bind-address=