How can I get filename information from inputs.tail plugin? (modified)


I’m trying to capture log data from files in single directory and tried tail plugin for that.
Even though the plugin captures increasing logfile well, it seems that the result does not provide filename of each log message so that I cannot understand where the captured data comes from.

Is there any way to get the source (filepath) of the data or should I open issue for this?

The reason I don’t want to try logparser is that I don’t need any part of log to be parsed for any reason and when the case log file increases very rapidly, parsing for nothing is just waist of system resource and affects increase of telegraf system resource usage.

*** I updated my question because I misunderstood the situation when I posted my question for the first time. inputs.logparser plugin was not loaded due to my misconfiguration. Sorry!

The logparser input should add a path tag with the filename.

sorry daniel, I modified my question as I realized I misunderstood the situation. But anyway, thank you for your response!