How can I attach data on a processor from different dataSource

Hi, I have a Datasource who only delivery Numeric Items.

To those items I have to attach a String value who is in another datasource, before send it to InfluxDB… I have this String value available on a Post Request, or any Relational Database, like MSSQL…

how an I achieve this?

To make sure I understand, you have effectively two inputs into telegraf, one all numeric, and another one to collect some string value, and you want to combine those together to produce a single measurement and push to influxdb?

Hi, thank you for ansewring.

I have one input with a numeric value, wich comes frome an external pluggin… This numeric value I need to relate it with a String value that I have from an MSSQL database… and i need to combine this together before sending them to influxdb, yes.

I would suggest using the client libraries if you want to do this level of customization or writing a script to do this and running it with the exec plugin in telegraf.

The client libraries would let you write code in the programming language of your choice to connect and collect these things and then give you a way to push to influxdb.