Hiw to backup and restore RETENTION POLICIES?


hiw to backup and restore RETENTION POLICIES?



Hi @Hillbun_Ng ,

you can specify -rp in the backup and in the restore command

$ influxd backup -h

Creates a backup copy of specified InfluxDB OSS database(s) and saves the files in an Enterprise-compatible
format to PATH (directory where backups are saved).

Usage: influxd backup [options] PATH

            Required to generate backup files in a portable format that can be restored to InfluxDB OSS or InfluxDB
            Enterprise. Use unless the legacy backup is required.
    -host <host:port>
            InfluxDB OSS host to back up from. Optional. Defaults to
    -db <name>
            InfluxDB OSS database name to back up. Optional. If not specified, all databases are backed up when
            using '-portable'.
    -rp <name>
            Retention policy to use for the backup. Optional. If not specified, all retention policies are used by
    -shard <id>
            The identifier of the shard to back up. Optional. If specified, '-rp <rp_name>' is required.
    -start <2015-12-24T08:12:23Z>
            Include all points starting with specified timestamp (RFC3339 format).
            Not compatible with '-since <timestamp>'.
    -end <2015-12-24T08:12:23Z>
            Exclude all points after timestamp (RFC3339 format).
            Not compatible with '-since <timestamp>'.
    -since <2015-12-24T08:12:23Z>
            Create an incremental backup of all points after the timestamp (RFC3339 format). Optional.
            Recommend using '-start <timestamp>' instead.
            Optional flag to continue backing up the remaining shards when the current shard fails to backup.
backup: flag: help requested

$ influxd restore -h

Uses backup copies from the specified PATH to restore databases or specific shards from InfluxDB OSS
  or InfluxDB Enterprise to an InfluxDB OSS instance.

Usage: influxd restore -portable [options] PATH

Note: Restore using the '-portable' option consumes files in an improved Enterprise-compatible
  format that includes a file manifest.

            Required to activate the portable restore mode. If not specified, the legacy restore mode is used.
    -host  <host:port>
            InfluxDB OSS host to connect to where the data will be restored. Defaults to ''.
    -db    <name>
            Name of database to be restored from the backup (InfluxDB OSS or InfluxDB Enterprise)
    -newdb <name>
            Name of the InfluxDB OSS database into which the archived data will be imported on the target system.
            Optional. If not given, then the value of '-db <db_name>' is used.  The new database name must be unique
            to the target system.
    -rp    <name>
            Name of retention policy from the backup that will be restored. Optional.
            Requires that '-db <db_name>' is specified.
    -newrp <name>
            Name of the retention policy to be created on the target system. Optional. Requires that '-rp <rp_name>'
            is set. If not given, the '-rp <rp_name>' value is used.
    -shard <id>
            Identifier of the shard to be restored. Optional. If specified, then '-db <db_name>' and '-rp <rp_name>' are
            Path to directory containing the backup files.

restore: flag: help requested