High CPU Usage on InfluxDB

Greetings :wave:

I have got an influxDB cluster (v1.8.0) running in our self hosted Kubernetes cluster, it works fine in general, but I am experiencing a weird issue with it’s cpu usage and it is having very high cpu usage intermittently, the high usage stays for sometime and them the usage comes down automatically.

 date;kubectl -n influxdb top pod --use-protocol-buffers | grep -E 'user-0|user-1'
Wed Sep 14 11:25:01 UTC 2022
user-0                            8077m        30128Mi         
user-1                            7607m        18279Mi      

date;kubectl -n influxdb top pod --use-protocol-buffers | grep -E 'user-0|user-1'
Wed Sep 14 11:29:31 UTC 2022
user-0                            13012m       30128Mi         
user-1                            18310m       18278Mi         

I am relatively new to influxdb and I appreciate if someone could share pointers on fixing this, thanks!

Hello @prasadkris,
I’m not sure but it looks like it could be related to:

Are you a new user? Why have you decided to use 1.x instead of 2.x?
Thank you!