Help with multi datacenter architecture

Hi Gurus,
I am trying to define a multi data center architecture and I need some one to help me.

Use Case:

  • Multiple edge (few hundreds) data centers distributed globally running one Kubernetes cluster each
  • One core data center

Now I want to collect monitoring data (matrix) from each k8s cluster and store them locally (edge). Then I want two actions on this data:

  1. Monitor local clusters/nodes and generate alerts using local database on edge
  2. Aggregate matrix and push to single core data center in scalable way for some time series analytics queries
  3. Single data base in “core” data center can ingest data from hundreds of edge data center? If not what ingestion layer I can use to receive data and buffer (kafka?) it before storing it in DB?

Please let me know what open sources systems can help me here in above 3 requirements.