Help with InfluxDB error

Hi all,

I am currently trying to Make this script a Task, using this script that acts as an alert, i would send an Notification to telegram. But however, it only sends the notification when i click submit or hover back and forth from one query to another. i followed this Link to create this script.

Also while saving this script as a Task, i encountered this issue, if anyone knows what is going on or what am i doing wrong please feel free to comment. Much Help Appreciated!!

Hello @KaiJ17,
hmm that’s odd.
Can you try copy and paste your flux script into a task through the task UI? Its the little calendar icon on the bar menu on the left hand side.

But also change
the start time to be -task.every instead of hard coded times.

Finally, this might be useful to you:

You might need to add:

import "array"
array.from(rows: [{v: 0}]) |> yield(name: "trivial")

Hello @Anaisdg,

Thanks for the Suggestions, for the first step that you gave i have already done it which shown in the picture below. I get another error but now the error is different.

For the second step which u suggest array, can you guide me on that because I’m not very clear on that step and not familiar with that function. Is it possible to tell me where to add my array or so. That would be great help.

Thank you!