Help: Parsing Iresult object returned from client.query

I have a database (1.8.4) that I am populating via a python script. I am trying to access this data so I can display it via a webserver created with node. I am using the influxdb client using the following code snippet:
const client = new Influx.InfluxDB
client.query(‘SELECT * from sensor ORDER by time DESC LIMIT 1’).then(results => {
The query is working as expected and is returning an object of Iresult.
At this point I would like to be able to assign the returned data into variables but no matter what I try I cannot see how to reference the elements.
If I console log the object I get the following output of the object:
time: 2021-03-16T16:47:41.000Z {
_nanoISO: ‘2021-03-16T16:47:41Z’,
getNanoTime: [Function: getNanoTimeFromISO],
toNanoISOString: [Function: toNanoISOStringFromISO]
AirTemp: 20.187,
CPUTemp: 54.53,
Depth: 268,
PHValue: 7.067613252197431,
WaterTemp: 19.187
groupsTagsKeys: ,
groupRows: [ { name: ‘sensor’, rows: [Array], tags: {} } ],
group: [Function: groupMethod],
groups: [Function: groupsMethod]
How would I access the element AirTemp as an example? (edited)