HELP: lost a database?



Something really disconcerting just happened: Influx sees one of my databases as completely empty:
use XYZ
show measurements
comes up with absolutely nothing.

There’s ~360Mb of data on disk in data/XYZ/autogen directory and 2M in wal/XYZ/autogen. After I restarted influxdb, logs show that it’s loading the database - wal files - but I cannot access any of the data!

This is on Linux with version v1.4.3rc0, branch master, commit 6d2685d1738277a1c2672fc58df7994627769be6

Also, I’m using “tsi1” on-disk index.


So, I changed index to the default “in-mem”, restarted - and it didn’t change anything.

There are no errors in the logs that I can find.

The sequence of events was quite simple: I ran some analysis queries on XYZ (so SELECT only), then same queries on a different database. Five minutes later I wanted to run queries with different parameters - and there was no more data in XYZ. I am 100% sure that in the mean-time there was no additional data writing or deletions, however influxdb wrote snapshots:

Jan 12 10:22:14 pauli influxd[9700]: [I] 2018-01-12T16:22:14Z Snapshot for path /opt/lib/influxdb/data/XYZ/autogen/13345 written in 1m1.345383232s engine=tsm1