Group by adding values

Hello! I’m trying to solve a query, but I don’t know if it’s possible to achieve a result like this.

I have three values: value_1, value_2 and value_3.
I would like to be able to return the minimum and maximum values of value_1 and value_2 respectively, each time value_3 adds a number X.

For example, with X = 100:

value_1, value_2, value_3
1, 5, 90
2, 6, 10
3, 7, 40
4, 6, 30
5, 8, 90

The answer I would like to get would be the following:
min(value_1), max(value_2), value_3
1, 6, 100
3, 8, 100
5, 8, 60

Is this possible?

Hi there.

This wouldn’t be possible with InfluxQL, but may be possible in Flux

Failing that, you’d need to write some client side code in your language of choice.