Gregorian month awareness in InfluxDB

I’d like to confirm that InfluxDB does not inherently have awareness of Gregorian calendar months or quarters, and that there’s no plan to add this intelligence to the database itself.

Everything I’ve seen – for example, the options for the duration_literal parameter type and numerous references to 90-day periods as opposed to calendar-aligned quarters – suggests that this is the case. But I can’t find an explicit “This may happen/will never happen” re: this feature set.

Mind you, I’m OK with this not being part of the db – I would argue that the whole concept of comparing uneven ranges’ worth of stats makes little sense, that’s why my web analytics package goes Last30/Last60 instead of Last28-31/Last 59-62, etc. But I want to confirm that this type of work would have to be done in client code (and, most specific to my needs, can’t be done in CQs).