Graphing the sum of packet sizes per minute as mbits/sec

Hi, I’m having trouble with an influx query. I’m inserting the amount of throughput (bytes) captured by a network interface every minute. I want to display this as an average mbits/s.

Here’s a look at the raw metrics (bytes transferred):

2020-05-03T17:57:35.203Z	344
2020-05-03T17:58:35.643Z	75
2020-05-03T17:59:35.047Z	168
2020-05-03T18:00:35.043Z	88
2020-05-03T18:01:35.139Z	66
2020-05-03T18:02:35.011Z	66
2020-05-03T18:03:35.339Z	83
2020-05-03T18:04:35.031Z	85
2020-05-03T18:05:35.519Z	856
2020-05-03T18:06:35.619Z	134
2020-05-03T18:07:35.699Z	860
2020-05-03T18:08:35.175Z	35353
2020-05-03T18:09:35.891Z	83
2020-05-03T18:10:35.023Z	138
2020-05-03T18:11:35.043Z	5275

And here’s the query I’m trying:

But my download speed is maxed out at 8mbit, so 76+ is not possible.

Everything works fine if my data insertion interval is done every second. If I insert the number of bytes per minute the numbers go crazy.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

The issue was my code - I had to divide the number of total bytes/bits by the number of seconds I sleep in the interval. Now the numbers influx gives me makes sense. You can find my project here if you’re interested:

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