Go example code is wrong

The tutorial thing asks the user to copy this (cut)

point := influxdb3.NewPointWithMeasurement("census").
		  AddTag("location", data[key]["location"].(string)).
		  AddField(data[key]["species"].(string), data[key]["count"])

But *Point type has no function for AddTag and AddField, I changed it to SetTag and SetField and then it worked. Plz fix

point := influxdb3.NewPointWithMeasurement("census").
		  SetTag("location", data[key]["location"].(string)).
		  SetField(data[key]["species"].(string), data[key]["count"])

Thanks for reporting this. Can you provide a link to where you found the tutorial. I’m sure @Anaisdg will take a look when back from leave.

Its the tutorial when you do client/golang after add data to new bucket, in the code snippets it asks you to copy to your local machine

@Anaisdg , did you see this one?

Hello @FixTestRepeat And @wrvclark I believe this has been corrected thank you!

Still seeing this at new-user-setup/golang
Also the “os” package should be imported and the “fmt” package should not be imported