Get continuous data from Rest API to Influx

Could you please guide on ways or provide examples to get a continuous curated excerpt of data from API and store that in Influx DB? Ex: storing continuous data of airplane positions in the influx DB. Thanks in advance.

What version ?
Do you mean collecting data from influxdb, or writing data to influxdb.
Can you clarify what you mean by continuous. I’m not aware of any rest APIs that are “continuous “

Hi, Thanks for initiating to reply

InfluxDB shell version: 1.8.2

I have an API which gathers position and location of a vessel in the sea. So it generates continuous data i.e. longitude, latitude, directions etc every 5 minutes. With the help of InfluxDB client I am able to write the data into InfluxDB for one time but I would like to make it continuous meaning the db to keep adding new records as the vessels changes position and location. Could you please assist me to write continuously created new data into InfluxDB ?

In its simplest form, you can write a single row with just curl (or wget) . Without knowing your environment or constraints, a simple bash script loop:

  1. Check if new data available, if not sleep 1 second
  2. Got a location, construct a line protocol record
  3. Write it to influxdb .