Get column name from parameter list in json data format

Am sending data in json format using telegraf. But the column headers in the measurements are shown as Parameter_0_datatype,Parameter_0_value, etc. The json string does contain the parameter names but it’s not taking them. How can I solve this?

Following is my input_plugin in the conf file

measurement = [“topic”]

Read metrics from MQTT topic(s)

servers = [“localhost:1883”]

servers = [“”]

MQTT QoS, must be 0, 1, or 2

qos = 0

Topics to subscribe to

topics = [

if true, messages that can’t be delivered while the subscriber is offline

will be delivered when it comes back (such as on service restart).

NOTE: if true, client_id MUST be set

persistent_session = false

If empty, a random client ID will be generated.

client_id = “”

username and password to connect MQTT server.

username = “telegraf”

password = “pwd”

data_format = “json”

Hello @Aritra666B,
Can you please share your json?
Also have you seen this?

You might find that useful. You’ll want to specify your tags and timestamps.