Format message from Node Red to Influxata Cloud2

Hi all,

I am new in this system. I would try to send the temperature from a DHT11 sensor, via Node Red. But it is impossible. This is the only response fron the system;

“unsupported input type for mean aggregate: string”

How I need to format the message to visualize in InfluxDB? Its necesary a script in InfluDB or in Node Red.

The Node Red mesage is this:


Thanks in advance

hi, there are more ways to do that.

what i was using in the past was

node: template [to format your payload for curl command ] → node: exec

{curl --request POST “” --header “Authorization: Token TTTTT” --data-raw “temperature_external,host=ttn_node_red,TempSenKey=1,TempUlId=7c9ebdf1ff64 TempDecimal=19.625,TempKey=18635 1622662706”}


Sorry, but I don’t understand your idea, can you explain me with a photo?

This is that I’am using:

Function’s script:
msg = {

    measurement: "weather_sensor",

        temperatura: 5.5,
        humidity: 51,

    timestamp: new Date()

return msg;

Thanks in advance

Where are you seeing this error message?