Flux: mean() causes error panic runtime error

I have a simple query

from(bucket: “sensors”)
|> range(start: dashboardTime)
|> filter(fn: ® => r._measurement == “cc_p0”)
|> mean(column: “_value”)

I’m running this in chronograf. If I remove the last line it pulls out the data fine. With the last line in I get:
“Error: Panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference.”

Im running influx 1.8.3 with flux enabled. Its the same result no matter what measurement I try to query. The inclusion of mean() causes the panic.
Any ideas?

Hello @nicky4tl,
That’s strange.
Can you share the raw data view or output of the query before you include the mean please?

Thank you!

Hi @Anaisdg,
I just ran into the same issue as @nicky4tl . Just found from searching around internet it seems an issue with armv7l (32bit) architecture.
Is there a plan when / if armv7l will be supported?


just found this: Docker Hub

Just ran into the same issue. Any news on this? I’m running InfluxDB on a Raspberry Pi 4 as Home Assistant integration. I haven’t figured out yet how to determine which InfluxDB version it runs.

Has this issue been fixed by now?