Finding TAG (VALUE) insertion time



Hi All,

Is there an option to find the time stamp when new tag value is inserted into the database. E.g. Using the below query I can view the “TAG” values

show tag values from with key = “TAGName” where

The output gives me the TAG Values but wondering if there is an option to view the timestamps associated with first tag entry?


Can you be more specific about what you’re querying?

In a simple WHERE clause, the timestamps are returned.

For example, selecting data with specific tag key-values:

SELECT "water_level"
FROM "h2o_feet"
WHERE “location” = ‘santa_monica’

name: h2o_feet

time water_level
2015-08-18T00:00:00Z 2.064
2015-08-18T00:06:00Z 2.116
2015-09-18T21:36:00Z 5.066
2015-09-18T21:42:00Z 4.938

Are you looking to get just the timestamp of the first entry?


Thanks Katy for the reply,

I’m looking for a query which can get me the following

  1. Tag key-value
  2. When the tag with the key-value was created (or first seen in the system)