Find and Replace Spaces in Table

Hi everybody,
i have to find and replace spaces with _.
for example:
SELECT "Table with spaces" FROM "messurement" WHERE time > now() - 555555m
but what i have to do next?
thanks in advanced
kind regards

Hi @matzeeg3,
I must admit I don’t think this is really possible with InfluxQL. This is where Flux really comes into its own:

Hi thanks for your reply. i use influxdb1.8 is this posivle with strings.replace?

Hi @matzeeg3,
So you can enable Flux in InfluxDB 1.8 : Enable Flux | InfluxDB OSS 1.8 Documentation. I sadly think the Flux version might be behind. @Anaisdg is there anything else @matzeeg3 could try or would this require a move to Influx 2.X.