Can i do IN operation in influxdb2 with flux language?


I am very thankful to you guys for the help. Specially to @Anaisdg. I learn a lot and many more to learn.

My problem is i want to do a IN operation like SQL -

SELECT column_name(s)
FROM table_name
WHERE column_name IN (value1, value2, ...);

I want to apply the same with Flux.

Can you share any example for this.

@debnath That isn’t specifically available. The way to effectively achieve this is to use either regexp if the naming follows a pattern…or a string of or statements when filtering if it does not.

Thank you @samdillard for the help. Appreciated

@debnath actually I lied – try out contains: contains() function | Flux 0.x Documentation

@samdillard this is perfect. Thank you.
One request, I have posted a question 2days back no one replied. can you please help me out with that issue?
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