Fields that appear for _Test bucket not available in _Prod bucket

Good morning,

I am using InfluxDB to ingest equipment data via API, formatted as line protocol.

While setting up and sending to the _Test bucket, a particular field, EngFuelRate.gph was ingested for a certain piece of equipment and available for query with no issue. After switching to the _Prod bucket, EngFuelRate.gph is no longer appearing as a field available for query.

All other pieces of equipment still have the field available in _Prod (although it appears that some have dropped other fields, such as IP, so this is a more widespread issue that just this one piece of equipment). Even weirder is that all payloads with the EngFuelRate.gph line protocol are successfuly ingested, so it’s not a formatting issue. Weirdest still is that if I send the same payload to _Test, it is received (204 response) and the new EngFuelRate.gph data points are available for display.

Even sending line protocl with just EngFuelRate.gph for this piece of equipment to _Prod is successfully received (204 response), but the field never appears.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @jw.blaney - which version of InfluxDB are you using? Also, if you have an example of the line protocol data you are getting this strange behavior with, that would be helpful as well. Thanks!