Exporting from influxDB 1.8 and import it to influxDB 1.8

Dear all,

I run influxDB 1.8 in docker on a synology since ~2 years gathering various data from smart home components. No I switched to a virtual machine where a new influxDB was setup (Again 1.8). gathering the same and even more data.

I thought it would be easy to somehow integrate the old data into the new one. But I did not even found a way to:

a) export the data from the old database
b) match the field names in the new database with the old field names
c) import the old data to the new field names.

I am really struggling with this even though I have basic ideas of databases and SQL. Can somebody guide me to certain tutorials who to get these things done? (I did not even find how I can connect to the database in docker to export data…) Is there something like Toad for accessing the databases?

Many thanks in advance