Export to CSV in Version 2.7.0 missing

in version 2.6.1 there was a button export to CSV in the Data Explorer

oin Version 2.7.0 this button is missing.

Can I reenable it somehow?


Hello @Tesla2k,
Unfortunately not. :frowning:
I PM’d you though about this.

I’m experiencing the same issue of the missing CSV export button in 2.7.0 explorer. Is there a workaround, and when can we expect to see it return?


I have the same, a bug?
In the docs it is still there: Query in Data Explorer | InfluxDB OSS 2.7 Documentation



Same issue for me.
Is this a bug, or has csv exports simply been removed from the UI?

A simple response would be much appreciated as this is impacting my current implementation and workflow.

It appears that the CSV export button will only display when using HTTPS.

I’m very disappointed in the communication from the Influx team regarding this issue. This change has completely disrupted my team’s workflow, and I’ve spent hours searching for a solution or any information about this at all. Finding this fix took combing through the GitHub commit history to find that the CSV button was tied to the Service Worker, which only runs on secure connections.

This change should absolutely have been included in the changelog at the very least.

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Thanks for the info @jl8n , really appreciated.
Honestly this issue gave me the option to explore\study influx CLI which is really powerful.

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Installing Chrome the ‘download csv button’ displays again. Thanks to all.