Excluding Veeam SureBackUp VMs from vsphere telegraf plugin?

I am using the vsphere plugin from telegraf to successfully monitor my VMs but noticed that it scraps everything including VMs that are temporarily created and powered on during my Veeam Surebackup jobs. Here’s an example in Grafana:

Notice the VM named U1804_TIG and below it, all the ones named U1804_TIG9d2f6e…etc. Those VMs were temporarily created during the Surebackup job and I would like to exclude them from vSphere plugin. I believe the documentation suggests there’s a way but I am not sure how to properly configure it. Those random numbers and letters after the VM name will change so I assume it needs to be excluded in a way such as U1804_TIG*.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can use metric filtering to remove metrics with specific values. For example, if you wanted to remove all the metrics with the tag of “vmname” which had values of “U1804_TIG*” (note the wildcard) you could add the following to the end of your vsphere config:

    vmname = [ "U1804_TIG*" ]

See the link above for more examples.