Event Hub Consumer subscription on specific MQTT topic on IoT Hub

Dear all, i’m using telegraf to consume data from an IoT Hub on Azure and store the data inside an Influxdb Cloud solution. The data are send from a sensor by using MQTT to the IoT Hub.
Based on the documentation, I’m using the Event Hub Consumer to subscribe to the IoT Hub to receive the data.
My question is: there is a way to specify a specific (MQTT) topic inside the Event Hub Consumer to subscribe? Or the plugin is in charge to receive all the data?

Thanks a lot!

I believe the only options for Azure’s Event Hub is the partition you wish to receive data from, plus an optional offset for when to start reading messages. The offset can be used to receive only recent data; otherwise, all data will be returned.

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Could you give an example of the topic you are writing to? Based on Understand Azure IoT Hub MQTT support | Microsoft Docs I’m not actually sure that Azure stores the topic in the message unless this is in a proper ‘property bag’ format. The eventhub consumer plugin does support converting these properties to tags. Then you could use the tagpass / tagdrop options, see: telegraf/CONFIGURATION.md at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub

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