ESP32 WifiManager cloud monitoring with Influxdb

I’m looking for help on connecting my esp32 with wifi manager to influxdb. The issue I am having is that the influxdb client seems to only recognize the bucket and API key as a definition and doesn’t recognize it as a char string. The reason I need it to be a char string is because that is the only way I can enter the api key and bucket credentials into wifi manager and avoid hard coding everytime. I’m thinking I need to to point the macro definition to the json file where the api and bucket data is stored but I’m not sure how to accomplish this.

i’ve been messing around with influx and an ESP32(s3) lately and plan to eventually hop over to wifimanager or something similar. Maybe see if I can gpio toggle some sort of SPIFFS or sdcard usb exposing if wifimanager goes south.

unfortunately i’m finding the libraries (or board not sure which), kind of whacky, but that is possibly something for another place/day/thread/time

anyway, if I get to wifimanager and end up needing to dig into the C at all, i’ll keep your issue in mind on my travels…