Error writing cache snapshot too many files

Hi and before anything thanks, i have docker compose with influx ,telegraf and grafana, im reading csv data with telegraf tail and uploading to influx, the first three months this method worked fine but a few days ago influx randomly started to crash, when i restart works for 1 hour and crashes again.

I watched the logs and the error appears in infinite loop, this is the error :

influxdb     | ts=2022-06-02T07:44:40.465139Z lvl=info msg="Error writing snapshot from compactor" log_id=0apqCDAW000 service=storage-engine engine=tsm1 op_name=tsm1_cache_snapshot error="compaction in progress: open /var/lib/influxdb2/engine/data/5e2f18f5c76bb1f0/autogen/3/000000013-000000001.tsm.tmp: too many open files"
influxdb     | ts=2022-06-02T07:44:40.465178Z lvl=info msg="Cache snapshot (end)" log_id=0apqCDAW000 service=storage-engine engine=tsm1 op_name=tsm1_cache_snapshot op_event=end op_elapsed=0.484ms
influxdb     | ts=2022-06-02T07:44:40.465212Z lvl=info msg="Error writing snapshot" log_id=0apqCDAW000 service=storage-engine engine=tsm1 error="compaction in progress: open /var/lib/influxdb2/engine/data/5e2f18f5c76bb1f0/autogen/3/000000013-000000001.tsm.tmp: too many open files"

is not performance issue because i watched the docker stats and the values where normal.

Any help is appreciated