Error: "Unable to parse the address"

I follow the instruction here to install Telegraf into Ubuntu 14.04.

However, when I enable LeoFS monitoring configuration in /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf and run a test, it showed an error for parsing server address.

$ grep leofs -A 5 telegraf.conf
#   ## An array of URI to gather stats about LeoFS.
#   ## Specify an ip or hostname with port. ie
   servers = [""]

$ telegraf --config ./telegraf.conf --input-filter=leofs --test
* Plugin: inputs.leofs, Collection 1
2017-06-06T08:47:15Z E! Error in plugin [inputs.leofs]: Unable to parse the address:, err:parse first path segment in URL cannot contain colon

I am not sure if there is any library dependency etc. that I need to config in order to make it work fine. If someone knows how to solve, please tell me.


This is caused by a change in the go standard library. If you specify the url as "//" it should work. More details on this issue.

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