Error Message with Influxdb as Service

I am getting an error message when try to start InfluxDB as service in Windows. Windows could not start the influxdb services on Local Computer. The service did not return an error. This could be an internal Windows error or an internal service error. Windows event ID 1034. Please help in getting this resolved

Probably need a lot more detail before anyone can help or offer any advice here. Have you tried running the influxd manually as an admin? What does the console output show when you do? Does windows event viewer show any more details why the service couldnt/failed to start ?

Service influxdb ran for less than 1500 millseconds. restart will be delayed by 12800 milliseconds.

I’m willing to help if I can, but you haven’t provided any of those details I requested.

I am getting an error message when trying to install Influxdb as on Windows Server 2016. Please see below.
image with Event ID 1034.

Event ID 1034… Service InfluxDB ran for less than 1500 milliseconds. Restart will be delayed by 64000 milliseconds.