Error in csv.from() filesystem service is uninitialized

Hi guys,

I’m new to influx and I was trying to upload a raw CSV via Flux VS code extension to convert it into an annotated CSV but it spits out an error saying that filesystem service is uninitialized. Is there a way to initialize it?

Hi @Tinymountain

I’m not entirely sure, but your issue seems correlated to this one: failed to initialize execute state: filesystem service uninitialized in dependencies

So it looks like influx isn’t the culprit here:
(from the github issue)

Hi Anthony, sorry I should have been more specific, I believe it isn’t possible to access files from the server process.

Did you follow along the manual from influxdata?
Here it is:

Maybe there was an issue initialising the flux extension, it surely would help when you give us some more context on what you did and if you can find some error messages (as detailed in the manual above) that can assist the troubleshooting.

take care