Null values into influxdb


I am able to install the csv data into influxdb bucket thru flux annotated CSV. But I have some null values in csv, when I try to insert them, it is not able to insert and showing the error. How to insert the null values

what error are you getting. and also null it’s kind of vague.

Work with null types | Flux 0.x Documentation (


I tried ’ ’ instead of NULL, it is working fine

that’s why I said NULL is vague.

there are many ways to represent the absence of data. and it depends also on how you are ingesting the data to InfluxDB.

@AVVS_Sudheer I see that you ask interesting things frequently, but you always fail to give more context. we cannot read minds!!.

BTW, ‘’ to influxDB is an empty string not a null value, however it depends on the client you are using if you use InfluxDB csv.from() then I believe you need to specify the data type or use RAW data and do some transformations after.

If you are using a client to dump a CSV file to InfluxDB, what is it outputting?.

again, I am glad to help on my spare time, but I am not a mind reader.