Error building telegraf arm64 package on rpi5

I was trying to build telegraf arm64 package for raspberry pi 5 (raspbian 12 bookworm) but got an error while executing

make package include_packages="$(make arm64)"
mkdir: created directory 'build/linux-arm647-deb/telegraf-1.31.0/usr/lib/telegraf/scripts'
'scripts/telegraf.service' -> 'build/linux-arm647-deb/telegraf-1.31.0/usr/lib/telegraf/scripts/telegraf.service'
'scripts/' -> 'build/linux-arm647-deb/telegraf-1.31.0/usr/lib/telegraf/scripts/'
/bin/sh: 31: fpm: not found
make: *** [Makefile:349: arm64.deb] Error 127

what is fpm ?

I would suggest that it’s one of the php packages.


That was an fpm tool for packaging mentioned here:

Installed it and went to the next error:

Need executable 'rpmbuild' to convert dir to rpm {:level=>:error}
make: *** [Makefile:349: aarch64.rpm] Error 1

No idea why do i need rpmbuild to make debian package…

Oh, yes. I need to run just

make arm64.deb

not that complicated used before…