Drop all values with a specific time stamp

I am rather new to InfluxDB so bear with me if this should be an easy thing to do:

I have a solar system on the roof that collects it’s data in an influxdb. I use that to build a grafana dashboard. I guess, so far, there’s nothing unusual.

but: it seems that the power Sensor of the system has horrible errors at times. At random times, the current on one of my three AC rails will read something like 18,614,828 yes, over 18Megaamps. As far as I am aware, I am not running a major particle accelerator, so I assume it’s an error.
I will try to have the sensor replaced, but in the meantime, I would love to drop the faulty values from my DB. It should actually be rather easy: the maximum power I can get through any of the three phases is 63A. So I would like to find all the occurences when one of the phases measures higher and drop all the values from the power meter that share the same time stamp.

thanks in advance