Drawing the result of Multiple Filters in Chronograf


What is the best way to merge multiple streams in full?
i.e. if you did something like this in chronograf:

a = filter… // grab some samples that may return as a few different tables
b = filter… // grab some other ones that may have nothing in common with what’s in ‘a’ besides being a time series.
c = ? // tried with join, but I don’t really want to join “on” anything, just want to collect and draw everything

Hello @phillipprahl,
does adding a


do the trick?

@phillipprahl union() is what you’re looking for.

a = data |> filter(...)
b = data |> filter(...)
c = data |> filter(...)

union(tables: [a, b, c])

Here’s some information about union() vs join(): https://v2.docs.influxdata.com/v2.0/reference/flux/stdlib/built-in/transformations/union/#union-versus-join

union wins! :slight_smile:

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No problem. Happy to help!