Downsampling - TICKscript, all measurement data (wildcard)

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I record several data points (> 20) using various measuring systems and save them in an InfluxDB. Each date point is a time series with different time stamps and measured values. I record the measured values every second and now I would like to downsample all to 5 minutes. I found the following TICKscript example:


Here the mean is only formed for time series ‘usage_idle’.
What is an appropriate syntax to do this for all time series? mean (*)? Using wildcard …?

I read on the Internet that this is not possible. A task has to be created for each time series and each measurement, which I cannot quite believe.

What would be an alternative approach to downsampling all time series?

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A continuous query will do the trick.

You can create it in influxdb, the syntax is almost like the one of a normal query.

CREATE CONTINUOUS QUERY "downsample_xxx" ON "databasename"
  SELECT mean("A") AS "A", mean("B") AS B INTO "destination RP.table" FROM "RP.table" GROUP BY time(5m)

If you want to downsample the data you got so far you may want to have a look at the advanced syntax and run the query once on all the data instead of the default interval only (in this example 5m)

CREATE CONTINUOUS QUERY "downsample_xxx" ON "databasename"
  SELECT mean("A") AS "A", mean("B") AS B INTO "destination RP.table" FROM "RP.table" GROUP BY time(5m)

if you do so remember to let it run once and then drop and re-create it without the RESAMPLE FOR 2w otherwise it will compute the calculation on 2w of data every time it runs

Many thanks for your response. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really help me. You write on your query

mean (A) as A, mean (B) as B

But I need this for all date points without explicitly naming them. So for example:

SELECT mean (*) AS * INTO “destination RP.table” FROM “RP.table” GROUP BY time (5m)

Something like this is possible when using a wildcard. I want to avoid entering every name of the data point.

Thank you.

You can use the wildcard in an aggregate function, the output will have a the following name <function>_<field>

ie: I have the fields A,B,C.
if I run the query:
SELECT mean(*),max(*) FROM ___  GROUP BY *, time(5m)
The output will be:
mean_A, mean_B, mean_C, max_A, max_B, max_C

Okay, I’m going to test it today, give you feedback.