Does the performance of one bucket affect others?

Hi, I’m planning how to store data in InfluxDB Cloud, and was wondering if buckets can affect the performance of each other. If I have a bucket that performs poorly due to high-cardinality data, will that affect queries I run on other buckets in my org?

Hello @Nadav_Horesh,
Yes your overall cardinality is determined by the unique combinations of buckets, measurements, and tags which are all indexed and create series.
However if you’re using InfluxDB cloud, scaling is managed for you so you don’t run into cardinality problems.

Thank you for your answer. Is there a way to have two databases that are not related to each other when using influxdb cloud, in order to prevent possible effects of one bucket on another?

Hello @Nadav_Horesh,
No. You can create two InfluxDB Cloud accounts however.