Does Telegraf's Cisco GNMI Input plugin support Advanced TLS Configuration?

So… I am trying to specify Advanced TLS configuration for Cisco GNMI (telegraf 1.14.5) input plugin, as stated in:

Can anyone advise if advanced TLS configuration is supported by this plugin?

I am receiving the error below:

[telegraf] Error running agent: Error parsing /etc/telegraf/telegraf.t2/inputs.cisco_gnmi.conf, line 25: field corresponding to `tls_cipher_suites’ is not defined in cisco_telemetry_gnmi.CiscoTelemetryGNMI

Here is my plugin configuration:

addresses = [“x.x.x.x:x”]
username = “grpc”
password = “”
encoding = “json”
redial = “10s”
enable_tls = true

tls_ca = “/certs/CAcert_l1.pem”
tls_cert = “/certs/cert_l1.pem”
tls_key = “/certs/servkey_l1.pem”

tls_cipher_suites = [“TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA”,
tls_min_version = “TLS12”


tls_cipher_suites is only supported on server type inputs at the moment, but there’s no reason it couldn’t be supported on all clients as well. Do you mind opening an issue for this?

Thanks for advising. I thought that may have been the case but wasn’t certain due to the wording in the -

“For plugins using the standard client configuration you can also set several advanced settings.”

Issue #8124 has been raised.