Does influx support multiple timestamp columns in a measurement in Influx 1.8?

I am having an applications that loads market data which has multiple timestamp values…
Currently I can store data with only one column as timestamp that is set by default.
I want to store other times as well in separate Fields. Is this possible?
I didn’t see the timestamp datatype in Influx docs and I couldn’t insert any data with timestamp as field.

example: Insert testTable,market=ABC value=1,myTime=‘2015-08-18T00:00:00Z’

This throws an error like
ERR: {“error”:“unable to parse ‘ta,market=HK value=1,time=‘2015-08-18T00:00:00Z’’: invalid boolean”}

Can you please confirm if Influx supports time data type on Fields or is it just one timestamp that we can store in a table?

I can confirm that InfluxDB supports only one time “column”.
but that does not prevent you form saving other timestamp in the database, a limit is that you can’t save them as datetime types, so you must fallback to strings and integers to save them.

Your error could be caused by an already existing field which is of type boolean (and now you are trying to write a numeric value or string in it, just delete the testTable measurement or store it in a different measurement in order to have a clean structure

Ok, thanks for confirming Giovanni. I’ll look through what changes we can make to store the other timestamp values either as string or int… thanks for the help.

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