Different window periods for different columns

I want to make a scatter plot in Grafana where I show column a over column b. However, I want column b to be the daily mean. So I would expect the column to have the same value multiple times for each value of a for that day.

I tried with union but then I only get the daily values for both.

Hmm I’m not sure I really understand what you mean.
Can you please share an example of your input and what you want your expected output to be?

Ohhh wait i think I get it.

Okay I think you’ll actually want to perform a join instead.

When I use the import "join" I get: invalid character '\x1f' looking for beginning of value in Grafana.
Without the “import” I get: invalid: error @47:1-47:5: expected { A with full: ( as: (l: {B with _time: C}, r: {D with _time: C}) => {_time: C}, left: stream[E], on: (l: {F with _time: G}, r: {H with _time: I}) => bool, right: stream[J], ) => K, } (record) but found (<-tables: L, ?method: string, ?on: [string]) => stream[M] (function)