Deploying influxDB 2 OSS in Azure AKS cluster with provisioned storage account

I am deploying influxdb2 OSS to an AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) cluster, using the helm chart from helm-charts/charts/influxdb2 at master · influxdata/helm-charts · GitHub.
The deployment succeeds when using the default settings.
However, I need to use a specific Azure Storage Account, so I need to change as follows:

Persist data to a persistent volume

enabled: true

If true will use an existing PVC instead of creating one

useExisting: true

Name of existing PVC to be used in the influx deployment

name: influxdb2-pvc

influxdb data Persistent Volume Storage Class

If defined, storageClassName:

If set to “-”, storageClassName: “”, which disables dynamic provisioning

If undefined (the default) or set to null, no storageClassName spec is

set, choosing the default provisioner. (gp2 on AWS, standard on

GKE, AWS & OpenStack)

storageClass: “-”

storageClass: “hf-azurefile”
accessMode: ReadWriteOnce
size: 50Gi
mountPath: /var/lib/influxdb2
kind: PersistentVolumeClaim
apiVersion: v1
name: “{{- if not (empty }}{{ }}{{- else }}{{ template “influxdb.fullname” . }}{{- end }}”
{{- include “influxdb.labels” . | nindent 4 }}
# “keep”
- {{ .Values.persistence.accessMode | quote }}
storage: {{ .Values.persistence.size | quote }}
{{- if .Values.persistence.storageClass }}
{{- if (eq “-” .Values.persistence.storageClass) }}
storageClassName: “”
{{- else }}
storageClassName: “{{ .Values.persistence.storageClass }}”
{{- end }}
{{- end }}
volumeName: influxdb2-pv

where influxdb2-pv is a pre-created volume bound to an Azure Storage Account File share

With this modified configuration, the influxdb container crashes at start. Logs:

** 2021-11-26T00:43:44. info pinging influxd… {“system”: “docker”, “ping_attempt”: “7”}
** ts=2021-11-26T00:43:44.126091Z lvl=error msg=“Failed to apply SQL migrations” log_id=0Y2Q~wH0000 error=“database is locked”
** Error: database is locked
** 2021-11-26T00:43:45. info pinging influxd… {“system”: “docker”, “ping_attempt”: “8”}
** / line 162: kill: (88) - No such process
** 2021-11-26T00:43:45. error influxd crashed during startup {“system”: “docker”, “total_pings”: “9”}

I have the same problem. How did you fix it?

I haven’t, I am using an Azure disk in place of file share