Delete multiple line

i would like to know how to delete multiple value?

> SELECT * FROM "FG_2029_BrueggAare" where Abfluss < 0 limit 10
name: FG_2029_BrueggAare
time                Abfluss Gewaesser Pegel  Standort        Stationsnummer Temperatur
----                ------- --------- -----  --------        -------------- ----------
1662532084009894292 -705    Aare      426.3  Brügg, Aegerten FG_2029        21.8
1662535683986753420 -706    Aare      426.31 Brügg, Aegerten FG_2029        21.8
1662539283986948595 -708    Aare      426.3  Brügg, Aegerten FG_2029        21.9
1662546483999709473 -707    Aare      426.3  Brügg, Aegerten FG_2029        22

then i do

DELETE WHERE time = 1662557284421408577

is there a way to select all and delete all line with a negative Abfluss?


"DELETE supports regular expressions in the FROM clause when specifying
measurement names and in the WHERE clause when specifying tag values.

DELETE does not support fields in the WHERE clause."

Your other options are:

  1. Prevent whatever is putting the values into Influx in the first place from
    processing negative values.

  2. Adjust the query on whatever is using the data from InfluxDB to avoid
    retreiving negative values.

  3. Run an external script which does something like:

select time from FG_2029_BrueggAare where Abfluss <0
read all the values which get selected
delete where time = each value


thanks Antony for your fast feedback
yes i added a part in node red to avoid.
and yes i delete it the way you wrote ;-(

and do delete only the negative value but not the rest is not possible too, i believe?

Not strictly, it’s not possible to delete by filtering on field values or to delete single fields, this means you can’t directly run a delete on those, all you can do is identify them.

Once you have identified the points you want to delete you can run the delete with proper filters (time + tags) that basically will identify one or more series and a specific moment. if you have “good” data in that same series and moment that will be deleted too. (in your case “temperature” values)

The only way you have to “save” nice data in this unfortunate case is to export them and insert them back after the delete.