Decimals in a value

Hello. In Flux, is there a way to limit the number of decimal places in a value?
For example, if a value is 1.35147851, I would like to convert it to 1.35

Because math.round() will only return the nearest Intger you need to multiply it first.

yourValue = math.round(x: ((1.35147851) * 100.0)) / 100.0

or with map()

|> map(
        fn: (r) =>
            ({r with
                _value: (math.round(x: r._value * 100.0) / 100.0),
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the result is 1.350000. It works for what I want, but I think there should be a function that gives 1.35

That is kinda wierd. Maybe you missed a bracket? Because math.round will give you an Integer an if you calculate (1.35147851) * 100.0 and round it, it is 135 and that divided by 100 should give 1.35. Or maybe your schema adds all the zeroes?